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What are the minimum PC requirements to view the information?
PC Specifications

Internet Browser Requirements SVGView 2007 -  2009 Service Manuals
This requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or Newer browser with Service Packs 1 and 2. Using any other browser software may prevent Wiring Tab content and other data from being displayed properly. The Internet Explorer download is available at  ( Microsoft.
Browser window needs to be maximized and 1024 x 768 screen resolution is required for Engine selection to be viewable. You may experience problems using any other screen resolution or if your Windows Taskbar is aligned vertically and always visible.
Operating System
Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4) or Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 1 and 2) are required. MS Imaging is included in the windows 2000 and XP Operating Systems and is a requirement for viewing the content. Please be advised that other operating systems may not work.

How do I operate the 2007 - 2009 CD-Rom and DVD-Rom Service Manuals?

**Please be aware that all these are the New SVGView Format Service Manuals.

     1. Open Internet Explorer and set as Main Operating Browser.  IE must be set as the primary web browser inorder to operate the Service Manual.

     2. Load the Disc into your DVD/CD Drive then go to "My Computer" and right click onto the drive that the CD-ROM/DVD-Rom Manual is loaded into and click on "Explore".

     3. Double Click on the "SVGView" Icon and install the software on to your computer.

     4. Eject the Disc. Open an Internet Explorer page.  Load the Disc back into your computer.  This process may take a few minutes depending on your computer memory and speed configuration.

     5. Select the Year and Model of your vehicle.  NOTE: If you choose any other vehicle other than the one you purchased, it will NOT operate.

     6. Now an Index would appear allowing you to select a category.

***Depending on your computer’s specifications the pages may take a few minutes to load, please be patient and do not close the program.  This will vary depending on the Memory and Speed of your computer.***

How do I operate the Adobe PDF Reader CD-Rom Manuals?

What about privacy and security? Should I worry about giving my credit card information to SRM?

We respect your personal privacy. Simply put, SRM will not sell or rent our list of customers to anyone, period.
Our secure server uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology works with most web browsers that support SSL, including Netscape and Internet Explorer. SSL is the current standard for secure Internet transactions. This server encrypts information, keeping it private, protected and safe to transmit over the Internet. Any encrypted information cannot be read in transit and once received, it is housed in a protected realm that can only be accessed by SRM customer service personnel.

Will I be charged sales tax on the ordered items?

We are required by law to collect all taxes based upon the destination of your order. Your order verification will reflect an estimated sales tax charge. However, the actual charge to your credit card will reflect all applicable state and local sales taxes.

Will I be notified if my item is back ordered?

If there is to be any extended delay in shipping your complete order, we will ship what is available and notify you of the status of the remaining items.

Do you have a tracking number to trace the package?

For US and Canada customers, tracking numbers are only available if you purchase Xpress Post with the order.  You can track the packages after 7 business days from the time of purchase due to Postal Systems requiring system updates.  Tracking numbers are viewable at and  
Orders for International/Overseas can be insured but will not receive any tracking numbers due to Postal Shipping System delays.